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The Late Talker

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Upcoming LDA Conference April 2004

May 2, 2002

Nancy Kaufman "Special Opportunity" CHERAB Meeting


May 2, 2002
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Atlantic City Convention Center
2001 Kirkman Blvd.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

AC at night 1

Directions to Atlantic City Convention Center

CHERAB Foundation is happy to present to you Nancy Kaufman CCC/SLP on Thursday, May 2nd from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City!! It's exciting to be able to share with you Nancy Kaufman from the Kaufman Children's Center in Michigan the creator of the Kaufman Praxis Test for apraxia and the Kaufman Kits and technique for apraxia for her to present and answer our questions! RSVP's will be very important due to space limitations since as usual with most CHERAB events, there is no registration fee for this event.

On behalf of the CHERAB Foundation I would like to thank Nancy
Kaufman, one of the CHERAB advisors, who (again) is donating her time
probono for all of us to help the children. We would also like to
thank the New Jersey Speech Hearing Association (NJSHA) and the
conference organizers who generously are assisting us with a meeting
room, accommodations, and coordinating travel arrangements, so that
we could present this incredible "Special Opportunity" presentation
free of charge to you in the beautiful Atlantic City Convention

Please again be aware that space is limited, we will not be able to
fit everyone -so RSVPs to this event, which has no registration
charge, will be on a first come first serve basis. To keep the
first come basis fair we decided to only provide one RSVP email
address, which is to Denise Harrison, the founder of the South Jersey
support group. Please RSVP with your name and number of people you
would like to attend to chatnow@xxxx If you are having trouble with emails, you can call the CHERAB number at 908-626xxxx  If you run a support group for communication help and would like to join others who run support groups for dinner with Nancy Kaufman before the CHERAB meeting at 6:30 PM, please email Lisa Geng or call the CHERAB number at 908-626 xxxx

The CHERAB Foundation 'Nancy Kaufman' meeting will be held on Thursday May 2nd after the NJSHA 'Nancy Kaufman' workshop. The NJSHA workshop is only available through paid registration and I'm not sure if that is already filled up. Those that attend the NJSHA Nancy Kaufman workshop however will also be notified of the CHERAB meeting after, so we will make sure that those of you with an RSVP will be able to be seated first. Even if you are already registered for the NJSHA workshop, you would have to RSVP to the CHERAB meeting separate at chatnow@xxxx

When you get to the Atlantic City Convention Center -please ask for
the New Jersey Speech Hearing Association Conference -and proceed to their registration table. They will be able to inform you where the
CHERAB Foundation meeting will be. Right now we are not sure what
rooms will be used for either the NJSHA conference or the CHERAB
meeting -as we get closer to the date we'll keep you posted here and
at the CHERAB grouplist.

May 4th, 2002

New Jersey Speech Hearing Association's


hosted by Lisa Geng CHERAB Foundation
Atlantic City Convention Center
2001 Kirkman Blvd.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

AC at night 1

Directions to Atlantic City Convention Center

The full day's events for the New Jersey Speech Hearing Association's Full Day Advocacy Track will be hosted by Lisa Geng, President and Founder of CHERAB Foundation. This will be a day that as a parent you won't want to miss. Knowledge is powerful in helping you to help your child.

Schedule of Events

District Self Assessment: An instrument for Change Penny Dragonetti
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

Section 504: How to Utilize the Federal Statute for the Benefits of
Disabled Students Through Age 21 Cole, Schotz, Forman & Leonard, PC

Medicaid Managed Care and Children with Special Health Care Needs
Lauren Agoratus, MA SPAN

Working Lunch -Parenting and Stress Management Dominique Ricciardelli

Behavioral Interventions at Home" Change Your Behavior -Change Your
Child Michael C Selbst PhD

It Takes Two to Talk Jan Pepper MCISc The Hanen Program

Registration Form



Telephone:________________ E-Mail:_____________________

Tuition: $65
Please send registration form and check (payable to NJSHA) to
NJSHA, 203 Towne Centre Drive, Hillsborough, NJ 08844


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